International conference Data Center Design & Engineering 2017 / 28.04.2017

Nordvent has participated in International conference Data Center Design & Engineering on the 27th of April 2017 in Moscow, Digital October Center

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New line of high-performance NordVent chillers with screw compressors. / 14.09.2016

NordVent Company presents an updated range of air-cooled chillers «PowerLine» of cooling capacity from 200 kW to 1600 kW.

The present series of chillers is characterized by high reliability and the possibility of smooth adjustment of cooling capacity due to  use of advanced technologies. The chiller uses environmentally friendly and energy-efficient Freon R134a (chlorine is not used in its manufacture). This refrigerant characterized by zero coefficient of the potential destruction of the ozone layer of the Earth.

Сhillers «PowerLine» now have a new option - the ability to install a screw compressor with inverter control upon the customer's request. These compressors have low power consumption, they do not have the starting currents, they allow precise adjustment of the cooling capacity and maintain the temperature of the cooling medium (water or water-glycol solution) at the outlet of the evaporator with an accuracy of ± 0.5 ° C. The dependence of the compressor cooling capacity to the load is actually linear, and in  half-load operation the efficiency of chiller with this compressor is almost 16% higher than with standard compressor.

Built-in heat exchanger of economizer provides high efficiency. The task of the economizer is cooling of the liquid refrigerant at the outlet of the condenser to increase the heat exchange efficiency in the evaporator, which in turn increases the overall efficiency of the chiller (efficiency factor COP), reducing power consumption of compressor by 10-12%. Economizer intended for evaporation of a portion of the refrigerant entering then back to the compressor for recompression. Thus the total compression ratio is increased. Such systems are in arsenal of a number of manufacturers, but the addition of economizer considerably increases the cost of their equipment. Our upgraded chiller PowerLine, staying at the previous size, with the heat exchangers of smaller area and reduced number of fans, has nearly the same price as a standard chiller of 600 kW capacity. And such systems are already mass-produced.

Chillers NordVent of Series «PowerLine» are available in two versions - without free cooling and with free cooling.

In addition, the chillers NordVent of “PowerLine” series can be used in industrial plants, which require low outgoing coolant temperature (up to -15C).

International Conference "Data Center -2016" / 02.09.2016

The 11th Annual Conference "Data Center -2016" was held in the Digital October Center in Moscow on September 14, 2016, in which, according to the established tradition, NordVent acts as a Sponsor.

Energy-efficient NordVent water cooled chillers with screw compressors / 02.06.2016

NordVent presents an updated range of FlowEnergy chillers with cooling capacity range from 314 kW to 2.3 MW.

A distinctive feature of this series is the highest energy efficiency (class A ***) (EER = 5,1 kWh / kW, ESEER = 6,8). These figures are achieved through the use of Bitzer semi-hermetic screw compressors, electronic expansion valves and environmental and safe R134a refrigerant with excellent thermodynamic performance, low operating and condensing pressure. R134a refrigerant meets all the essential safety requirements with regard to toxicity and flammability (non-toxic and non-flammable in the entire temperature range of operation, not explosive) defined in the ASHRAE 34 - A1 standard.

FlowEnergy chillers series are available with one, two or three independent refrigerant circuits.

Semi-hermetic screw compressors (stepwise or modulating) are optimized for a R134a refrigerant.

FlowEnergy chillers are available in both standard and low noiseversions.

In addition, a coolant (water or water-glycol brine) leaving the condenser can reach up to 55 °C (optional) that allows operation even in the southern regions of the country.

These units can also be produced with heat pump or with heat recovery for hot water needs, or in a low temperature performance (temperature of a coolant at leaving an evaporator is lower than + 5 ° C) - which is very important for the production enterprises.

Data Center Design & Engineering 2016 / 29.04.2016

Nordvent has traditionally participated in International Data Center Design & Engineering conference which took place in Moscow, in the Digital October center on April 27, 2016. 
We were gald to see you on our stand and hope to meet you on the next Event!

10th Annual International Conference "Data Center 2015" / 16.09.2015

NordVent, as the Silver Sponsor, has participated in the 10th anniversary conference "Data Center 2015" which took place on the 15th of September in Moscow, in the Digital October Center.

Thanks to everybody who visited our booth!


ACHEMA 2015 / 02.07.2015

ACHEMA 2015, 15-19 June - Frankfurt am Main, Germany, was one of the most visited in the last editions; NordVent Swiss Tech SA has confirmed his presence on the international market of cleanrooms, gathering promising contacts from companies eager to establish an alliance for their future projects.

Thanks to everybody who visited our booth! See you at the next event!

DCDE 2015 / 26.02.2015

We invite you to visit International Conference Data Center Design & Engineering on the 23 th of April 2015 in Moscow where the Nordvent will attend as Silver Sponsor.  

Aqua-Therm 2015 / 26.02.2015

With assistance of the German Ministry of Economics, Nordvent Luftungstechnik GmbH participated in Aqua-Therm Exhibition in Moscow 03-06 of February 2015.Aqua-Therm is the leading one in its sphere in Russia. Industry professionals rate Aqua-Therm Moscow as the best event for new technologies and products in the HVAC industry.

CHILLVENTA / 10.10.2014

Nordvent Group participated in Chillventa exhibition in Nurnberg from 14 till 16 of October 2014.

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The largest commercial Data Processing Centre “Compressor” (6 mW), Moscow.

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